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Voucher ads

Vouchers are a great medium to market both the advertiser and the app. The user is happy for having earned an voucher and the advertiser is benefitted as there is an assured business coming to him/her from the user.

Pop-Up ads

Pop-up/full-screen ads are advertisements that show up at the start & end of the app, and start & end of a programme. These ads also have guaranteed visibility by the audience.

Ribbon ads

Also known as banner ads. This ad enjoys constant visibility as it is always displayed on the bottom of the screen.

Placeholder ads

Placeholder ads appear on the Blogs and are scrolled with the page displayed. This ad enjoys visibility of blog readers on the app.

Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads are displayed on the fragment/section on the app and is viewed as a slideshow. The user has an option of swiping through the slideshow at his/her pace.

Biding your way to the Top....

You have an option of increasing your ads visibility by outbiding* other advertizers. This option is available for all ads types.

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