About Us

SôBD is a Konkani audio Bible app that will cater to the Konkani speaking Christian audiences in Goa and outside Goa. This app will be the first initiative in this domain and in Konkani language.The app will be beneficial to the people who are so busy in their daily schedule that it is impossible for them to find time for their spiritual needs, even if they wish to. May it be Housewives, office goers, Students, etc. With this app, the users could listen to the Bible readings/reflections in the comfort of their homes, offices or cars; while driving, amidst their busy schedule. The app will also be beneficial to the aged and sick, who wish to read the Bible, but are unable to, due to their physical limitations of weakening eyesight and poor health.


Goans in Goa

Goa has 100+ Catholic parishes plus the people of other Christian faiths. Estimated Christian population is around 0.4 million** residing in Goa.

Goan Seafarers

Over the years, Goans have sought employment on the cruise liners, cargo carriers and other maritime professions. Being away from the motherland, they have a special place for anything related to Konkani.

Goans in UK, Gulf, etc.

Past few decades have seen a surge of Goan NRI/NRE’s . They may have shifted to a foreign land for better prospects, but their hearts are deeply rooted in the Konkani soil.

Konkani speaking Communities in India

Apart from Goa, there are many places in India, where Konkani is spoken, like Mumbai, Mangalore, neighbouring States/areas of Goa .

Social Enterprise and Philanthropic activities

SôBD Audio Bible app is a Social Enterprise where all profits (after expenses, taxes, etc) generated by the app will be used in philanthropic activities in the state. These include to funding NGO’s that work in the field of providing care and support to underprivileged kids and the destitute, supporting educational expenses of deserving kids from financially poor background, encouraging social responsibility of citizens by campaigns like cleanliness drives, improving civic infrastructures.

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